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Wood Fences

Let's Build a Wood Fence That LASTS!

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Why Build a Wood Fence?

  • Wood fences will give you a high quality aesthetic fence that ensures privacy and security for your property.

  • Wood fences give you the opportunity to customize your fence to the style you choose. This is the best option for crafting your dream fence.

  • Wood fences add the most value to your property.

Wood Fence Features

Fence Height​ Options

  • 4ft, 5ft, 6ft

Fence Post Types

  • Wood Post 4x4 & 6x6

Fence Finish

  • Pressure treated brown finish


Fence Style

Fence Picketing Types

  • Vertical or Horizontal Picketing 

Fence Post Detail

  • Pointed Top or Flat

Wood Fence Gates

  • Your gate is the focal point when building a wood fence for your property. This is the place that you will interact with most.

  • We specialize in aesthetic wood fence gates that give your fence a high quality finish. 

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Gate Features

Types of Gates 

  • Standard Single Gate

  • Sliding Gates

  • Double Swing Carport Gate

Gate Header:

  • This is the top cross beam part of the gate

  • We design custom gate headers to suit your wood fence & property

  • A proper gate header will add a structural component to your wood fence & gate.

  • The header will bring elegance to any gate installed

We Build Fences That Last

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If You Have Any Questions I'm More Than Happy To Help! 




Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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